How to Join/Setup Krisp Noise Cancelling software.


Krisp is AI-powered noise cancelling software for your microphone. Krisp’s purpose is to suppress background noise during calls. Krisp adds a virtual filter between your microphone and your calling app. The filter minimizes any background noise passing through.


On your desktop or system tray locate Krisp and click open to sign in.


Sign in your email address provided ex.


If your using Krisp for the first time then access your email provider.


Sign in to your email account.


Click open to access inbox.


Locate the email subject “You’re invited to join…” then click the “Join Now” button.

If you already using Krisp but ask for a code, wait for the email to arrive with the code and make sure the email you received is current and the code is not expired as it will not accept the code.


After clicking Join Now, you will be redirected to a different page and click on “Accept the invite” button


If not redirected to a Krisp user profile,, locate on the krisp app and click “Sign in with browser” button.


I prompted with display “You Krisp version is outdated!” just ignore or click close button.


Thick/check option box and Click “Open Krisp” button.


Click “Open Krisp app” button until Krisp app in the system tray will load your account.


Make sure your Headset is plugin to your computer and check if microphone is set to correct brand of headset you are using like “Voicejoy” for example.


Test your microphone and if signal indicator appear while testing, meaning your Krisp is working.



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